Comedy / Romantic comedy / 80 min  / Argentina 2016     
Director: Néstor Sánchez Sotelo     
Script: Leonel D'Agostino, Martín Blasco, Nancy Giampaolo
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Alejandro is on his patio and a woman’s body falls down next to him. It’s Julia and she is alive! She can’t move and calmly gives instructions to Alejandro, who is shocked, but manage to call emergency. Julia lives in the apartment just above Alejandro’s and from now on, these two phobic characters

begin to connect their lonely lives.

Alejandro y Julia
Peto Menahem
Making of



Muriel Santa Ana as Julia

Peto Menahem as Alejandro


Héctor Eduardo Díaz as Salvo

Sebastián Wainraich as Ignacio

Karina Moccio (Karina K) as Neighbor

Fabian Forte as Álvaro

Verónica Intile as Virginia

Pedro Di Salvia as Víctor

Facundo Cardosi

Hernan Jiménez

Alejandra Rincón


Producer and Director: Néstor Sánchez Sotelo

Writers: Leonel D’Agostino, Martín Blasco

Nancy Giampaolo

Assistant Director: Martin “Oso” Armoya

Cinematographer: Diego Robaldo

Editor: Guille Gatti

Art Director: Cecilia Castro

Sound Designer / Original Music: Pablo Sala


International Press:  

International sales : Aura Films