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Terror - Paranormal horror / 86 min  / 2021
Director: Mauro Iván Ojeda
Guión: Mauro Iván Ojeda





El negocio de Bernardo, una funeraria, funciona en la parte de adelante de su casa. Su familia disfuncional convive con ataúdes, coronas y padecen a diario extrañas presencias, que atribuyen al negocio mortuorio. Frenar este angustioso tormento será su misión, y una verdad aterradora saldrá a la luz.


Bernardo is an undertaker. He runs his mortuary business in the same house where he resides. In the front he has his clients. And in the back, his dysfunctional family lives among coffins, wreaths and mischievous supernatural entities that visit on a daily basis. They attribute the paranormal manifestations to the dead bodies from their mortuary work. Find the real source of all this madness will be their quest, but they might find a terrifying truth.


Luis Machín - Bernardo

Celeste Gerez - Estela

Camila Vaccarini - Irina

Susana Varela - Ramona

Con la participación de

Hugo Arana - Salvador

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Ficha Técnica

Director: Mauro Iván Ojeda

Guionistas: Mauro Iván Ojeda

Productor: Néstor Sánchez Sotelo

Del Toro Films

Asist. de Dirección: Sergio Suárez

Director de Fotografía: Lucas Timerman

Jefe de Producción: Daniel Rutolo

Editor: Lionel Cornistein

Dirección de Arte: Martín Conti

Diseño de Sonido: Pablo Isola

Música: Jeremías Smith

        PR y Ventas :

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We share this world with the dead. Those who have come before us, and have left indelible scars on us, are always there in spirit long after they’re gone. Bernardo (Luís Machín), wife Estella (Celeste Gerez) and stepdaughter Irina (Camila Vaccarini) live with the dead in every sense. As an undertaker, death is Bernardo's business, but it also pervades the home they live in behind the funeral home in the spirit of several ghosts that haunt the property. At first their presence is more of an inconvenience – there are lines you can't walk past; the bathroom is haunted, so they need to use a port-a-potty outside – but it soon becomes apparent there is a presence there that means them harm. And soon this family, already on the edge, must deal with some of the very ghosts who haunted them before they passed on.

Taking a familiar genre trapping and doing something new and fresh with it is a rare thing these days, all the more reason to praise Mauro Iván Ojeda's THE UNDERTAKER'S HOME as a major find. Wisely keeping his story confined to this small, unique setting and populating it with three flawed, but real, fleshed-out characters, Ojeda reminds us that an exceptional ghost story is as much a human drama as it is supernatural tale, becoming more and more unnerving as the paranormal aspects ramp up. Buoyed by excellent performances from his three leads, THE UNDERTAKER'S HOME does an exceptional job finding new life in old haunts.
Matthew Kiernan


La muerte no es algo extraño para Bernardo, su esposa Estella y su hijastra Irina, ya que regentan una funeraria. Pero una cosa son los cadáveres inertes y otra muy distinta los espíritus que vagan por el lugar y que fuerzan a la familia a limitar los espacios de la casa por los que pueden transitar. La mayoría son presencias tétricas pero inofensivas, hasta que un día se hace evidente que hay algo entre las sombras que realmente quiere hacerles daño...

"You may have thought you'd seen it all when it comes to haunted house or possession movies but The Funeral Home shows some original tricks. For fans of: Hereditary, The Witch."  Allain Elliot / WightBlood

"The Funeral Home presents a wholly new approach

to life among death." Kimberley Elizabeth / Nightmare on Film Street

"Some of the best sound editing in years" "It's impossible for the audience to take a breath" Nathaniel Muir / AIPT

"The Funeral Home is a stunning debut that will not only

haunt you emotionally, but will also get deep under your skin

to scare the life out of you" Patrick Krause / Morbidly Beautiful

"The score throughout adds to the creepy atmosphere and builds tension in all the right places.  The cinematography and practical effects are flawless.  You are very quickly immersed into a macabre atmosphere which fills you with a sense of dread." Heater Byrnes / Love Horror



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