Drama/  85 min  / Argentina 2014  
Director: Ricardo Díaz Iacoponi    
Script: Ricardo Díaz Iacoponi 
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The economic crisis causes the bankruptcy of many companies in Argentina. ARLUMAR, a metallurgical factory is a different case. Its workers begin to organize themselves to reopen it. They have now their future in their own hands, the hard path of a company without traditional managers.


Carlos Portaluppi

Eduardo Cutuli

Soledad Silveyra

Daniel Valenzuela 

Celina Font

Aymara Rovera

Marcelo Sein

Luis Lezcano.

Luis Margani.


Director: Ricardo Diaz Iacoponi

Producer: Néstor Sánchez Sotelo (Del Toro Films)

Assistant director.: Martin "Oso" Armoya

Writer: Ricardo Diaz Iacoponi

Editor: Mónica Gómez

Cinematographer: Mauricio Riccio

Art Director: Mariana Sosa

Sound Designer / Original Music: Pablo Sala

Sonido Directo: Christian Rolón


Press: arelisruizarias@hotmail.com  

International sales : 3 Cfilms